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Trusts Termi-A-Bond Assurance

Termi-A-Bond_green_final-300x188Pest Management Systems offers the TERMI-A-BOND® Assurance Program to protect Greensboro and Winston-Salem homeowners who do not have termite protection.

The TERMI-A-BOND® Assurance Program uses the following steps to ensure your home is protected against the threat of termites:

  • Inspection: Trained Greensboro termite assurance plan professionals will inspect your home for termites annually.
  • Detection: TERMI-A-MONITORS® are strategically placed around your home’s foundation. These monitors, which are inspected twice a year by trained technicians, are designed to provide early detection of termite activity and measure the effectiveness of any treatments.
  • Treatments: If an active termite infestation is discovered during the coverage period, Pest Management will provide treatment using approved methods for combating termites. After the threat of termites has passed, your home will continue to be monitored for future attacks through the length of your contract agreement.
  • Repairs: If termite damage occurs during the coverage period, repairs can be made through our optional endorsement coverage.

***Some structures may not qualify for this program. See inspector for details. 

Reliable, Affordable Termite Protection

termi-a-bond-300x200Your home is probably your biggest asset and we take great pride in its protection. Secure complete termite protection at an affordable price with Pest Management’s TERMI-A-BOND® Termite Assurance Program.

As a little added bonus, NC Piedmont homeowners who join our TERMI-A-BOND® Program will receive an automatic discount on their next general pest control purchase.

Contact us today at 336-272-4400 to arrange a free, no obligation estimate. Additional information about the program is available in our downloadable brochure.

TERMI-A-BOND® is a registered trademark and patented by William A. Tesh. Pest Management Systems also offers conventional termite treatments and the Sentricon® Termite Control System. You can request an inspection for any of our termite treatment plans by filling out our online form.

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