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Greensboro and Winston-Salem Snake Removal

European AdderThe two most common snake removal requests PMi receives are for the black rat snake and, on occasion, the copperhead. In most instances, seeing a snake on your property means a reliable food source is available. Snakes are generally seen as helpers because they feed on pesky rodents — however, if a rodent population around your property is not controlled, snakes can quickly become a problem. Though snakes do not cause any real property damage, they often frighten people, and poisonous species, such as the copperhead, can potentially harm your family.

Tips To Get Rid of Snakes on Property

In order to minimize snake encounters, homeowners can utilize temporary do-it-yourself snake control methods such as controlling rodent populations and habitat modification. Be sure to keep all pet food stored in sealed containers, along with grass seed, bird seed and any other seed you may have in your basement or shed. Keeping greenery trimmed and removing piles of rocks or debris can also reduce the likelihood of snakes taking up residence on your property. However, if these snake exclusion techniques are unsuccessful and you are in need of professional Greensboro or Winston-Salem snake removal services, depend on PMi.

Call PMi For Effective Snake Control

The snake control experts at PMi can help you manage snake populations on your property in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. Our Wildlife Damage Control Agents have years of experience and training, which is why PMi is your best choice for NC Piedmont-area wildlife management needs. Give us a call at 336-272-4400 today with any questions or to make an appointment for PMi snake exclusion services.

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