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Greensboro and Winston-Salem Opossum Removal

iStock_000009130504SmallNoticing missing dog or cat food or evidence of disturbed garbage? An opossum could be the culprit. The opossum is the only marsupial in North America, identified by its white or gray color and rat-like tail. When threatened, an opossum will bear its teeth, hiss, bite and even play dead. Allow PMi’s Greensboro and Winston-Salem wildlife control experts to protect your home and family from these unwelcome guests before any serious property or structural damage occurs.

Opossum Exclusion For Triad and Sandhills Homeowners

The majority of opossum encounters occur during the spring and summer months. Opossums roam aimlessly until they find a suitable home, often entering crawl spaces through broken or missing foundation vents, or burrowing under heating and air conditioning units behind homes. Once in the crawl space, opossums can do considerable amounts of damage pulling insulation from subfloor joists, crawling into heating and air ducts and damaging vapor barriers.

Homeowners can practice precautionary opossum control by sealing any openings to prevent entrance into the crawlspace and placing straps on trash can lids to prevent easy access to food sources. If you can’t seem to rid your home and property of pesky opossums, PMi can help. Our Wildlife Damage Control Agents will provide the most effective, long-term solution for Greensboro and Winston-Salem opossum exclusion.

Depend on PMi for Opossum Control

Get in touch with PMi by calling 336-272-4400 to learn more about our Greensboro and Winston-Salem opossum removal services. The professionals at PMi would be glad to provide you with a free, no-obligation price estimate for any of our wildlife exclusion services.

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