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Bird Control Methods For Starlings

iStock_000009022582SmallStarlings, identified by their dark coloring spotted with light colored speckles, are the number one bird removal request received by PMi. Starlings are notorious for nesting in bathroom exhaust vent ducts and dryer ducts, entering from the exterior by pecking the louvers that cover your attic fan or dryer exhaust until they can gain access. Once inside the duct, starlings begin nesting, gathering large amounts of straw, pine needles and other materials that prevent air flow. Bathroom ventilation that has been stopped up may cause unpleasant odors, and nests in dryer ducts can be a serious fire hazard.

The wildlife control experts at PMi will remove starlings and any nesting material from the duct to ensure proper airflow, and then treat the area in question for mites the birds carry. Our technicians will also seal your exterior exhaust ports to ensure no birds can re-enter after the bird control process is complete.

Woodpecker Control From PMi

Second to starling control requests are calls to PMi for woodpecker control. Woodpeckers drum on structures in order to defend their territory, a practice that can cause extensive damage. Because woodpeckers are protective, special techniques must be employed to deter birds from drumming or nesting. In addition to controlling your woodpecker population, the bird control experts at PMi can also assist in repairs to your damaged property and recommend exclusion techniques to prevent further damage.

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If you’re in need of bird control for starlings, woodpeckers or any other type of bird in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Pinehurst or the surrounding area, call PMi at 336-272-4400. Request an inspection from one of our wildlife management professionals today to talk about potential bird control methods for your property.

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