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High Point, NC Crawl Space Moisture Control

By professionally sealing your home’s crawl space using a sealed vapor barrier, you will prevent structural damage and reduce energy costs. At PMi, our team of experienced technicians regularly installs vapor barriers in homes and businesses throughout the entire High Point, NC area. Protect your property from moisture-induced crawl space damage and lower energy bills at the same time!

Many vented crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture from humid air and poor draining systems. Some of the unpleasant issues that can arise as a result of this include:

  1. Termite damage
  2. Wood rot in structural beams.
  3. Poor air quality throughout the home.

Call (336) 272-4400 to speak to one of PMi’s moisture control experts today. By upgrading to a fully encapsulated crawl space, your home will become noticeably more energy-efficient.

High Point, NC Unvented Crawl Space Sealing

Once installed, vapor barriers not only prevent the damage caused by moisture, they can also help you save on energy costs. Our High Point, NC customers love this—sealing a crawl space acts as insulation, preventing wasteful loss of heat in winter or cold air in summer.

By utilizing the latest CrawlSpace Care® methods and technologies, our customers can rest easy knowing their crawl space is sealed and costly moisture is under control.

A newly-encapsulated crawl space will maintain stable conditions in a home and help regulate a comfortable temperature. A sealed crawl space attacks the two most common sources of excess moisture:

  • Humidity from the air
  • Poor drainage in the foundation or crawl space itself

Many homeowners with vented crawl spaces experience seasonal spikes in energy costs. PMi alleviates these issues with unvented crawl spaces that assist in steady energy use. In addition to High Point, NC, PMi uses the latest CrawlSpace Care® innovations for residents throughout other areas of North Carolina, including: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Pinehurst, and Burlington.

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