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Superior Bed Bug Detection

With bed bug infestations on the rise, we’ve enlisted the help of our K9 friends–bed bug dogs–to sniff out those little pests wherever they’re hiding. Pest Management Systems is using our furry friends’ natural senses to detect bed bugs in homes, on furniture, and everywhere in between. Bed bugs can’t run and hide from the superior snouts of our trained weapons helping to fight the war against bed bugs.

Bed Bug Dogs Triad and Pinehurst – Faster, Better Detection

Traditional bedbug detection techniques can take a long time and require the help of multiple exterminators–not to mention a lot of money when it’s all said and done! Trained and certified bed bug dogs can quickly and easily detect bed bug infestations for more accurate and cost-effective results. For example, these dogs can search a room in just a matter of minutes. Bed bug dogs are becoming the popular infestation treatment choice for hotels, motels, homes, apartments and other commercial buildings alike. Get the latest, most effective bed bug detection from Pest Management Systems today!

It won’t take long to see the benefits of using bed bug dogs versus traditional bug detection methods. Bed bug dogs have many advantages:

  • Bed K9’s cost less than a standard visual inspection and may take multiple visits and add up to higher costs to inspect and treat the infested area
  • Provide quicker, more accurate results. You won’t have to wait a whole day for an inspector to search your home or building and then worry if they’ve actually found the source of the problem. You know when bed bug dogs find a problem right away!
  • Proven to be trusted – “man’s best friend” has been used for years to detect weapons, bombs, and drugs, among other things, so why not bed bugs too?
  • Peace of mind. When a dog sniffs out your home and doesn’t find bed bugs, you’ll know with greater certainty that your home and family are secure.

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